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Critical Aspects of Web App Development

Web App Usability

Everyone loves a website where it feels natural to navigate and use.

Web App Scalability

Whether you crank it up or turn it down, cloud-powered services make it a breeze.

Web App Features

Ensure the important features stand out and are performant, but not distracting.

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Work Process

The process of building your own app and launching it to the market can be stressful and, at times, challenging.  We’re here to make your web app development as quick and efficient as possible.

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Perfect for Your Web App Project

We transform ideas to life for people and companies of all different shapes and sizes.

Web App Development for Agencies

We’re loved by the biggest and best agencies because we understand the importance of target markets, brand guidelines, and pure creativity.

Web App Development for Startups

We can help with all aspects of developing a product. We’re there for visionaries, start-ups, and the regular Joe’s all the way through the life of the venture.

Web App Development for Businesses

Businesses of all sizes ask us to help reach their goals, which sometimes includes increasing foot traffic, creating top-of-mind brand awareness and generating sales.

Web Apps vs Native Apps

Web apps offer lots of benefits over iPhone apps and Android apps (more commonly called “native apps”). Web apps are not “real” applications. Instead, they are truly websites that look and feel like native applications, but are not implemented as such. They are run by a browser and typically written in HTML5. With HTML5, you can ensure native-like functionality from a browser.

There are also hybrid apps, which are part native app, and part web app. Like native apps, they are discoverable via the devices app store and can take advantage of the features available to native apps. But, like web apps, they rely on HTML being rendered in a browser. The caveat is that the browser is embedded inside the app.

Web App Development Benefits


Web apps are great if you need discoverability, where a user has an information need and can go to a search engine and your app will come up. Web app maintenance also is king, as you don’t need to wait on the vicious approval cycles of an app store. You also benefit from platform independence, as the core functionality of your web app is not dependent on the APIs of the device it’s running on. Web app development cost is also significantly cheaper, and the time to market is often faster with the best programming frameworks that live today, like Ruby on Rails.

To summarize, native apps, hybrid apps or web apps are all great ways of reaching the needs of your mobile consumers. There really isn’t a unique best solution, instead, each type of app has their strengths and weaknesses. The choice ultimately depends on the needs of your company.

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