Android App Development and ViableType is the best way to reach hundreds of millions of users.

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Android Apps we Love to Develop

Android Utility Apps

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and the "old school" way of doing things. Say hello to technology.

Android Business Apps

Turn your successful business into an Android app, or your Android app into a successful business.

Android Product Apps

Make your hectic life a bit easier, and perhaps even more enjoyable by solving that one problem.

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Located Everywhere

While we call Minneapolis, Minnesota our headquarters for Android App Development, our team is widely distributed across the entire United States. We work from Boston, San Francisco, Cleveland, Austin, and Seattle. Hi friends!

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Android App Development Philosophies

Getting Android app development right is tricky, but nothing our team doesn’t handle every day. We obsess over Google’s best design principles and practices and do our part in contributing to its community at-large. We ensure a fantastic user-experience and optimize it for speed and performance. When the ship is ready to sail, we implement and conduct A/B testing and adhere to Google Play Store submission policies.

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Perfect for your project

We transform ideas to life for people and companies of all different shapes and sizes.

Android App Development for Agencies

We're loved by the biggest and best agencies because we understand the importance of target markets, brand guidelines, and pure creativity.

Android App Development for Startups

We can help with all aspects of developing a product. We're there for visionaries, start-ups, and the regular Joe's all the way through the life of the venture.

Android App Development for Businesses

Businesses of all sizes ask us to help reach their goals. Sometimes it includes increasing foot traffic, creating top-of-mind brand awareness and generating sales.

Why Android App Development

To date, there are over 1.2 million Android apps on Google Play. Collectively, it has amassed more than 50-billion downloads, a number that continues to grow. Android apps are proving to be an integral platform for both developers and businesses.

The ViableType team has years of Android app development experience. We know what takes to create apps which not only possess the pleasing aesthetics and innovative experiences, but also to transform an idea into creative works of genius.

As both Android app development, iPhone app development, and web app development continue to compete the global technology industry, our team follows trend to develop extensive knowledge of both platforms, offering our clients a competitive design and business advantage.

So why should you release your app to the android market and Google Play? Simply put, go to where the people are.  Android OS has exploded in popularity since its initial release.  More unique tablets and phones run on android than iOS.  While the iPhone’s uniformity made early app development much easier, the diversity in the android market has opened unique doors.  We’re here to help you break into this market and create a name for yourself, or make your name sound even better if you are already established.

Android App Development Process

Our development team has crafted a well-rounded and thorough process to create exceptional Android and iPhone apps. The key components of our success revolves around basic ideas to create apps that are engaging, innovative, and intuitive.

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About Us

Our team consists of successful entrepreneurs who happen to be very technical. Each team member has a unique vision and a common goal in delivering value and profitable solutions using technology.

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